pmp320 packet loss from ap to sm and reverse

I am having an issue with a few of my pmp320 ap's. We are seeing major packet loss if we try to ping a client sm or if we have the client ping the ap. We are not getting any packet loss from the NOC to the ap's through our back hauls. We are running 2.1.2, 2.2.1 and 2.3 software versions. We have a total of 9 aps in play on 4 different tower sites. Each tower has a cmm4 with managed switch. Our links or backhauls are all licensed 11ghz by SAF. Any ideas?

Sorry this is happening.  We retired this product line a few years ago, and the best thing I can suggest is that you try the PMP 450 platform as replacements for the PMP 320.  I understand that's probably not the answer you're looking for, but we have very little resources still available that know anything about this product line. 

Perhaps a fellow 320 user can chime in with a better suggestion.

We purchased the 450 gear. We did not like it. The 320 was better as far as coverage and signal quality for our area. The 450 has a little better throughput, but the current firmware is NOT stable and the client modules seem to reregister at will. If we upgrade, it will be to Baicell.

The PMP320 does not deal with interference well (I don't think many WiMAX systems do). There are some parameters that you can manually adjust to help (will reduce speeds somewhat): -enable HARQ, increase number of retries, for the service flows that you use (most importantly uplink) -increase and “Uplink Backoff” values (manual says to not change “Downlink Backoff”)  -increase “C/N Table Base” from default -70 to -65 at maximum.