PMP320 - recovery / firmware update from Alvarion software

Hi all,

Hoping someone has been able to figure this one out.  We picked up some used PMP320 cpe and it would appear that they where used on an Alvaion network.  The odd thing is that SNMP is not avialable in the GUI so it is not possible to update the units to the cambium software using CNUT.  Tried to upgrade them by http and tftp using a gemtek firmware in the hopes of gaining access to the snmp interface in the GUI, that has also failed to update.

I'm hoping there is a tftp / boot recovery system on these guys but I have been unable to accomplish this also.

Any ideas?

So the solution.

You need the bin format of the latest 8.1.4 Cambium software.  Not the .pak3 and use the web interface to update the unit.  I did this twice so that the shadow / roleback was also the correct firmware.

This enables the SNMP functionality of the firmware.

I am not certain why my orginal Gemtek firmware file didn't work, other then I can assume that there is a check of some sort that caused it to error out.

Don't ask me for the .bin file, you will need to figure out how to get it on your own. 

Just a suggestion,

It would be kind of nice if cambium would supply it since this is an EOL product line.