PMP400, anyone use these?

We’re looking to implement these in a more urban environment and are hoping that these provide more coverage than a traditional 5.7 or 2.4 Advantage AP.

Does anyone have any experience with these? I’d love to hear your opinions.

When I first heard about these and from what I see on the website, these are only available in 5.4Ghz. I heard a while back that the goal would be that these would be offered in 5.7Ghz. Has anyone else heard this or know anything about that?

I was wondering if there is any update to this thread, or if anyone has used this product yet?

We are also looking to deploy some of this stuff.



We have tried some PMP400!
But there are very big disadvantage - there are no kind like 27RD reflectors or LENS! You can’t improve jitter or rssi, when you need a little bit more, to get good efficiency!
We have only couple links, where distance is up to LOS 1 mile! At bigger distances we are using classic canopy! There are no reason to use PMP400 when aggregate throughput are the same as classic canopy, but price is higher!
We think that pmp400 have better interference rejection in some conditions!

What about in nLOS conditions?

Do the PMP400 series radios use the same power supply as Canopy APs and SMs?

We have replaced only one links with pmp400, where classic canopy worked with bad efficiency, but rx level was good!
There pmp400 worked with better efficiency! That is our only experience!
You can use the same 24V power supply, but for short cable length! For longer cable you should use 30V power supply!
30V power supplies you can also use for classic canopy!

I am also assuming that the PMP400 gear can be interfaced with the CMM as well? What about mounting?

Is there a specific installation and optimization manual that is available for the PMP400 series gear?



PMP400 AP is much, much bigger and heavier than classic canopy!
Mounting is more complex and should be stronger!
It can also be used with cmm as well!

I think also another disadvantage is that AP have only 90 degrees sectors!
In classic canopy cluster all sectors capacity is 6secx14Mbits=84Mbits, and PMP400 4secx21Mbit!
So actually it is the same!

From point of configuration and administration software is almost the same!

The responses in this thread have been very exciting!

I just ordered a PMP400 to test out, Ill report back with results.

I assumed that based on photographs that the AP and SMs were larger and heavier, which is why I was wondering if there is a manual anywhere that shows recommended mounting procedures, devices, etc.

ride1hr - please post your results when you get around to it!