PMP450 5150 - 5250 MHz in Canada

This ISED Decision lists the  maxiumun antenna gain as 6 dBi for the 5150 - 5250 band. This suggests that the integrated PMP450i, 23 dBi can't be used in 5150 - 5250 MHz in Canada?

Max power is listed as 1 Watt (30 dBm) by Industry Canada (now ISED) so the max EIRP appears to be 36 dBm.

On my connectorized PMP450i APs and SMs, I can see that the  ODU power is limited such that the combination of ODU plus antenna gain cannot be higher than 36 dBm.

But on my integrated PMP450i SM the power is allowed to go as high as 25 dBm (15.1.1) which could lead to EIRP as high as 48dBm.

15.2 Beta 4 allows the power to go as high as 27 dBm

Does anyone have experience or knowledge regarding PMP450i use in Canada in this band?



I don't have any experience operating in Canada myself, but we always strive to ensure that we are meeting the proper regulatory rules anywhere we sell equipment.

In this case, 5.1 GHz band in Canada is licensed as noted in the document you linked to.  The AP EIRP is indicated at 36 dBm also as noted.  The SM is treated as a PTP device in that it communicates only to a single end point (the AP), therefore has the capability to operate up to 53 dBm (1W or 30 dBm transmit power + 23 dBi antenna).  In our case, we get to 27 dBm Tx power, so we operate up to 50 dBm EIRP.

Thanks Matt. I hadn't realized or thought of the SM as falling under the PTP device guidelines so that is good to know. This still leaves the question of whether the integrated APs are compliant. They meet the implied 36 dBm EIRP requirement but not the stated maximum antenna gain of 6 dBi.

Most country regulations include a provision for Tx Power vs. Antenna Gain.  That is, typically, you can reduce transmit power and increase antenna gain by the same amount, provided you don't exceed the stated EIRP limits, in this case, 36 dBm.

I don't know the Canadian regulation that well, but would defer to the regulatory engineering team that actually completes and certifies the radio against these rules.  We should be within regulatory limits to operate legally.

Just a follow up on this regarding LinkPlanner.

If I use a PMP450m 5.1 GHz AP, it seems to properly mark the APs max EIRP at 36 dBm, but on the subsriber, it says the max dBm is 30, and the max power is 7 dBm. It seems like since the subscriber counts as a PtP device, shouldn't LinkPlanner show the max EIRP as 50?

Another short follow up, having not actually tried this on a real PMP450i SM. Does the lastest 16.1 image support an EIRP of 50 for the 5.1 GHz band in Canada?

See attached screenshot. This is from a PTP450i, it seems to allow transmission at max power (27 dBm) on the 5.1 GHz band in Canada, I'm just trying to figure out if this is a mistake, or I'm missing something else?