PMP450 5G NR Migration Timing and Performance?

The WISPAmerica slides talk about PMP450 becoming 5G NR, but they don’t talk about a timeline. Is there a current projection for when this would take place?

Is this effort expected to be fully standards based, or a Cambium-tailored variation of 5G NR? I.e., when this transition takes place, will it be possible to use other 5G CPEs, or 5G mobile CPEs with full mobility support (The 28 GHz information suggested Cambium would avoid mobility to keep costs lower)?

As it states on the slide, this is a long term vision… there is no specific time frame for it. Cambium will endeavor to include standards, but only where it makes sense to do so. For purpose-built fixed wireless solutions, many of the aspects of the 3GPP 5G and 5G NR standards are not required, and would simply add cost without benefit to the user.

I don’t anticipate Cambium product lines becoming a complete replacement for a mobile network. Our focus is certainly still on provided affordable, high capacity and high quality FIXED wireless solutions.

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Ok. I heard the idea used as a selling point, so I got excited by the concept and was hoping for more information. It seems it isn’t a selling point at this time, though (If I am understanding correctly and it is really 2+ years in the future and only a concept not an actual effort).

I understand what you’ve described. So, the idea isn’t that Cambium would setup PMP450 5G NR radios at all. They would use selective parts of the 5G NR standards to modify the existing PMP450 performance.

I didn’t necessarily think it would be a complete mobile replacement, but I’m not sure how far the stretch is from “mostly 5G NR” to actually 5G NR. The very next slide in the presentation talks about nomadic mode and rapid re-ranging on PMP450 which was explained as an effort to add some mobility to the platform… so it certainly seemed like there would be an inclusion of mobility in the future.

I do use and pay for Cambium, but I’m not sure it falls into the category of “affordable” when compared to other vendors. It would be fantastic if pricing could be more affordable. Cambium could be the choice based on performance and price.