PMP450 85009325001 antenna(OFDM+fsk) and Epmp1000.

I deployed a test setup, using a hybrid sector and a Epmp1000AP.

When i run the spectrum analyzer, the minimum signal level reported at any frequency is -75db, even in the radar spectrum, which i know is flat at -100 or so db, but epmp1000 tool reports a flat -75db line in the radar band.

Question: Do i need to put an 50ohm terminator in the unused FSK port?
Is there any chance this unterminated port is ringing recieved signas and self-interfering??

You do not need to put any terminator on the unused FSK port, as this does not cause any issue, the RF lineup is completely inactive.

Sometimes very close physical proximity can cause issues, but I am not familiar with the ePMP Spectrum Analyzer, but you could try shutting down another AP that is close by and re-running the Spectrum Analyzer.