PMP450 900MHz losing region

I've had (unsupported and uninvestigated so far) reports of at least three instances the past week where our techs have rolled to a customer location to find that the SM has lost region/country settings, and upon re-entering them locally everything works fine.  Other settings apparently NOT being lost/defaulted.

Has enyone else encountered this?  I'm waiting for more details from techs on the radios in question, hoping to find a common factor at least, but all are running either or 16.1 firmware.


I have never heard this one before. If you have logs or CNUT captures, it may shed some light.

Even if it's losing region or set to other... it should still follow whatever is set on the AP. This is true for both PMP450  and ePMP. This is very strange indeed, and I've never seen this happen.

I haven't seeen it happen, either, so far...  I've only heard from field techs that they've encountered it, no information yet on WHICH customers, what firmware, or anything else but anecdotal information that they've encountered it.  I will certainly post more details if/when I manage to dig them up.