pmp450- accesspoint vs sm not registering

dear friends, we have deployed 4 accces point with 90° sector antennas in a tower (55m hight), acces point have it's own frequency 5.7ghz range.

near the  tower (300m) sm is registering(-60db) , at the site 3km from tower, we have -74db, registering&scanning constantly but no link at all. link planner is good, no obstruction. we have tested 2 sm at the site, same issue, not registered. we are out of ideas.

at the tower we have a CMM4 with GPS, all units are upgrade ate the laste version 15.0.3

hera are some information, any help will be gratefull


Have you done a spectrum scan at the SM location?

Looking at the AP Scan list, it appears the beacons are not getting received by the SM (they are extremely low signal levels)... I suspect there may be some interference on the channel you're trying to use, which is preventing a good link.

we'v done a spectrum analysis at both place where the sm's are located, report showed nothing in front er interference.

How long were the spectrum scans?  Could it be a transient signal?  Can you post a screen shot of the scan from the SM location?