PMP450 and HTTPS issues

Guess I'm more curious than anything on if anyone has successfully enabled HTTPS on the PMP450's, or maybe I hsould ask if anyone has enabled HTTPS without it causing massive network issues.  When we implemented cnMaestro in the inital config we locked the units down to HTTPS only.  It quickly became apparent that the 450's don't seem to have the processing power to run HTTPS.  At first I only thought that was affecting the GUI and managment of the devices, but today during testing I found that accessing the web interface with HTTPS causes sever packet loss and latency on the ethernet paylod traffic as well.  It's bad enough to drop voice calls.

I'm seeing it on both 15.0.3 and 15.1 firmware versions, and never tried HTTPS on versions prior to those.  The 450i SM's and AP's seem to be a little better, but not by enough.

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Can you explain the scenario when you observed packet loss and service interruption?  

To my knowledge, there are many customers out there using HTTPS with success.

It was observed while troubleshooting a customer reporting voice issues.  I had pings running to the base station, multiple subscribers, and customer routers.  When logging into the base station, it and every subscriber and customer traffic completely drops all connectivity for about 1-2 seconds, wich was repeated every refresh of the webpage until closed.  If logging into a subscriber, that antenna and the customer's data behind it lost connectivity in the exact sae way.  While speaking to the custoemr on the phone (VoIP customer) as soon as I opened the web interface for the SM or AP voice would completly drop and quality was horrible if sound did make it through, so that confirmed for me not only ping but high priority payload was being affected as well.

It's very replicable, and happens on every 450 I've tested.  Sometimes I don't see actual packet drops, sometimes it's only latency in teh 400-800ms range.

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Is there anything more to report on this? Has anyone else noticed any issues? I've noticed that the web interface is much slower using https than when I use http. I've only tried https in test radios because this report of performance problems makes me hesitant to change anything in production.

I'd like to use a certificate with my PMP450i radios to avoid the browser warning messages, but I don't think this is possible. Is this correct?


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Yes you are right,  you cannot change the certificate. I would like to know the following 

1.  Are you seeing the performance impact only on  SM's  ? how about AP's ?

2. How is 450i radio's https performance compared to 450 ? 450i radios have more processing power.

Normally https due to encryption, ssl-handshake etc ,the peformance the of https will be always lower than http

The impact is occurring on both SMs and APs.

I have only tried this on 450i. We don't have any 450 radios.

I'm not too concerned if only the web interface is affected but based on the origianl post I'm worried that there might be other performance impacts. How common is the use of https among PMP450i users?


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