I have 6 PMP450 AP syncronized with a CMM4 on a tower. I have another tower with the same arrange. On each tower I have a PTP650 integrated, without sync source.

should I have a PTP-SYNC for each PTP650.

I saw somewhere, that there is a way to put all the masters (PMP and PTP) and all the slaves (PMP and PTP) in both towers , something like MASTER-SLAVE(In tower 1) - SLAVE-MASTER(in tower 2).

can somebody give me the trick.

Are you planning to use all 5.8 GHz? What is the distance of your 650 hops? In this scenario we’d highly suggest using PTP650 connectorized with a high performance antenna at the tower to reduce the amount of noise the PTP650 see’s. There isnt a way to sync between PMP450 and PTP650 so what you are referring to in your example relates to daisy chaining like devices. Example, PTP650 Master --> PTP650 Slave (collocation) PTP650 Slave --> PTP Master (collocation) PTP Master --> PTP Slave.