PMP450 AP Power Fault Error


I am powering up a 450 AP with PoE through CMM4. I got 27VDC from the ACME battery. Still getting Power Fault Error. How can I rectify this?

Have you tried to contact Support?

In general, the CMM4 is looking for a 29VDC input.  How long is the line from battery to the CMM4?  What is the wire gauge?  It may be by the time it reaches the CMM4, it is below the tolerance of what the device will accept, and therefore cause a fault.

Are you using this CMM4 for BOTH 56 VDC and 29 VDC inputs?  Have you attached the resistor as described in the Synchronization User Guide?

I would suggest opening a support ticket, so they can gather appropriate information and help you with this issue.

Distance is 5m.

Trying to use both 56V and 29V with one power source connected to transformers 49V and 28V respectively.