PMP450 AP to SM testing

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Is there a way to connect the PMP450 AP and the SM together for testing without going over air. I have to setup the units in a lab and the client does not want the units pumping RF through out the lab. Is there away to test the units together without using the RF? 

You could buy a connectorized AP and SM and turn the power down to the lowest settings on both radios and use a N female to N female adapter to connect them together.

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I would also recommend a pair of 60 dB fixed attenuators as even using the lowest Tx power may be too much on a bench. Safety first!


For whatever reason, it's actually pretty hard to find 60dB pads. And yes, you absolutely need 60dB attenuation.

You can buy two of these 2-packs:

Stack two on each polarity to get the required 60dB per pol. This is what I have on my test bench to verify APs. Plus known-good connectorized SMs.

If you want to verify standard non-connectorized SMs, then the only way is over the air. This is tricky and often inconclusive in an indoor environment. We'll typically have a tech go about a 1/2 mile out from a sector and test a handful of radios that need it.