PMP450 GUI/Cnmaestro Radio Info

This is a feature request for CnMeastro AND PMP450. Currently the SMs have a spot under Configuration>General to input the Lat, Lon, Height(in meters). This is useful information and information that is critical for CBRS, now for the part that falls short. 1) The Lat, Long, Height are NOT shown on the main radio GUI, you HAVE to log into each radio and go to Configuration>General, then scroll to the very bottom to see this info. 2) The location information is sent to CnMeastro, but the HEIGHT IS NOT!? WHY? From the inventory management section in CnMeastro you can enable the height in the selection boxes, but it only shows N/A because CnMeastro doesn’t pull this info. I am not sure if this is a minor oversight or someone just thought it unimportant, but once again, critical information in terms of CBRS. This information being more easily accessable visually would be greatly helpful.