PMP450 issue when radius authentication is enabled

I forwarded the CNUT capture to the email address you've supplied earlier.


Thanks, will take a look

@Steph wrote:

Device Setting : 5.4GHz MIMO OFDM - Access Point - 0a-00-3e-a2-ec-eb - 5480.0 MHz - 20.0 MHz - 1/16 - CC 216 - 5.0 ms


When in 5.0 ms mode there is a max of 118 VCs per AP. This is due to 5.0ms mode, the FPGA is running a VC depth of 64 and therefore uses up more memory than running 2.5ms frame.

So the SM cannot register because there are no VCs left.

You will have to either switch to 2.5 ms, offload some SMs to another AP, or replace 450 AP with a 450i AP that has more memory and doesn't have this constraint.


Thanks a mill , that explains it then :)