Problem with the PMP MIB file 13.x,

I want to monitor the rssi level of my PMP450 links (AP and SMs).

Currently, using that MIB, I can only found the rssi OID for the SM but not for the AP; meaning, I can monitor the SMs rssi but cannot monitor the AP rssi.

Anyone came accros this issue.

Hi Riyaaz,

The OID value mentioned for RSSI is for FSK radios that will not be working with 450 PMP radios .



You can query . (linkRadioDbmHorizontal) and . (linkRadioDmbVertical) on the AP. This is part of whispLinkTable.

On the SM side, you can query . (radioDbmHorizontal) and . (radioDbmVertical).

Alternately you can query . (radioDbm) on the SM to get the combined signal strength.