PMP450 Micro Dropping sessions

I have a PMP 450 Micro Sector AP feeding 3 x 450b Mid gain receivers over a short range, only around 100m and multiple SM’s are dropping the wireless session frequently.

I have tried Version 21.0 and now back with no change in symptom

RSSI at the SMs is around -50dBm. TX Power at AP is 4dBm

40MHz 5.0ms channel for maximum speed

Is there anything I can do to quickly restore stability to this installation

I now have one SM which is not connecting at all, just constantly cycling between scanning, registering then back to scanning.

the AP shows nothing in event log and nothing under SM registration failures.

UPDATE: Connectivity restored to this SM by powering down for 10 minutes then rebooting. Software reboot from the UI did not restore connection

Sounds like interference. What does the spectrum analyzer at both sides look like?

Clean on both AP and SM - Very rural area.

I’ve just had one SM drop the link but the other 2 stay up. All three SMs are within 50m of each other and within 125m of the AP

I want to change to 60GHz but lack of stock ruled it out as an option, however I may have to revisit this.

@Connor_Milligan1 what is your SM Receive Target Level set to at the AP? (Configuration → Radio → Power Control → SM Receive Target Level)

If it is at the default of -52 dBm, you could lower it to say -60 dBm and if if things improve. I’ve heard that there’s a problem at -52 dBm for close links, but haven’t been able to have a reproducible site to investigate, as it doesn’t happen in the lab. I’ll PM you for logs.

I would recommend this. We drop it to around -66 and that seems to resolve the interference symptoms.

Current target is now set to -64dBm and I now have all three SM’s up with over 3hr connection times.

Will call it a day now and check again in the morning

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