PMP450 power on reset

Dear, we upgraded our PMP450 to .  Every few hours they are experiencing a "power on reset".

To whom can I send the engineering.cgi?


cowper, is a year and a half old, is there any reason not to update to latest?
If you do update to latest and continue to see the same problems, you can email me the eng cgi directly or go through customer support.
Obvious question: Are you sure you are not getting actual power cycle due to the power supply?


Dear Bart good morning, the Firmware will be updated, it was never updated because we had not had a problem until now. The power supply was changed and did not solve the problem.

It may also help to post a few more details about the equipment. What frequency, what model radio is experiencing this?  Let us know when you've updated to 15.1.5 or 15.2 Beta 4, and the results from that.