PMP450 Radius Port Problem

I currently have Radius setup and working for PMP320.  I am trying to get it working for my PMP450 but when I try to set the radius port in the AP it always sets it back to the default port.  (I try to change the port to 1645 which is what we are running currently but when I click save changes it automatically puts back in 1812)  For my testing I am using a 2.4 GHz PMP450 AP, I have tried 15.0.3 and 15.1 beta firmware and get same results on both releases.


Thank you for reporting this issue. We  will investigate and try to get it fixed in the next Beta release or Final 15.1 release.




Hey Justin. Apologies for not getting to this sooner, but this issue should be resolved in the next 15.1.3 BETA, or the 15.1.3 Official Release (whichever comes first) in the next few weeks.