So, coming from a network that is 90% another vendor, we have purchased our first PMP450M and a couple of CPEs. Our typical configuration is for the CPE to use a vlan as the WAN interface, which pulls an IP via DHCP, the CPE is run in router mode and handles DHCP down to a customer router. Would I be able to replicate this behavior with a 450M AP and 450b CPE? If so, what steps would need to be taken in order to do so?


Yes you can do this. You would first enable VLAN on the 450m AP. In PMP system, once VLAN is enabled on the AP, it is enabled on all SMs that attach. The default PortVID is 1 all around, so normal traffic is not affected by simply enabling VLAN.

Then, you would go to the CPEs and set the IP configuration to “Public” and “DHCP”, and then on the VLAN configuration, set the Management VID (MVID) to the VLAN ID of your management VLAN. All “management” traffic will use this VLAN, including the DHCP requests from the radio CPE itself.

On the 450m AP, you also would do the same thing except there is no “Public” setting on the AP.

As a reminder, the Private/Public Accessibility setting on the SM pertains to whether or not the CPE Subscriber Module management interface is accessible from the RF side (the “Public” side) of the link. By default, all PMP 450 family SMs are set to “Private” along with a default IP address of The Private/Public setting has nothing to do with Public or Private IP addressing, nor anything to do with Internet accessibility.

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Thanks Aaron, I was able to sort through the user guide and play with the radios in our lab last night until I got it functioning how we wanted it. I appreciate your help validating what I was thinking.