PMP450 vs ePMP3000

I’m ready to start installing ePMP3000 hardware in place of our older ePMP1000 hardware.

However, with our microPoP design, the PMP450 microPoP hardware seems relatively affordable. It is bringing the price down toward ePMP ranges (Although SMs are still about 50% more expensive).

Is there anything the PMP450 line (In 5 GHz) can do that ePMP cannot when you are looking at <30 customers on an AP? I’m trying to find a clear answer, but am having a hard time. It seems as though they even have the same bps/Hz ratings.

I suppose further, with ePMP 4000 be overtaking PMP450 in terms of performance?

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Chris_Bay gave a pretty good breakdown a few years ago. I think everything regarding resistance to interference/ SNR requirements etc… is even more true vs 3000/AC but I don’t know how well 450 holds up to AC in the bandwidth department (though that could be meaningless in a high noise environment)