PMP450b CBRS install instructions

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Is there a video for 450b for CBRS install?

I cannot proceed beyond “registering”; The app says waiting to register?

Does that mean I have to onboard the SM using CnMaestro? I tried that but got stuck at putting in values for Azimuth , beamwidth etc

You should watch this video, it’s a little dated but the core elements for adding CBSD’s to cnMaestro still apply.


Here are some basic instructions:

On the new SM, make sure firmware is up to date. Then make sure that the region is correct OR set to Other/Other. Make sure that the channel list/raster on the SM matches the AP (should be 29 channels assuming a 5MHz raster). Make sure 10/20/30/40MHz centers are checked on the SM. Make sure that the color code on the AP and SM match. Make sure if you’re using predefined OTA encryption that the keys match between AP and SM.

On cnMaestro, make sure that you’ve signed off your CPI for the SM’s CBSD information and that it’s all accurate. A common mistake is to use ASML instead of AGL. Make sure you press “Start” which will start the CBRS process on any unregistered devices (like the one you just entered into the system). After like 5-10min the grant state should change to Authorized. At this point your SM should now be able to register to the AP.


Hi Eric
Thanks , the video is helpful and I did got the SM on-boarded , registered ,
Now working on configuring the IP address