PMP450i 900Mhz - Impressed

We recently were approached by a customer with a relatively challenging link request, roughly 1/2 mile through solid mountainside, evergreen trees, and houses. We had the PMP450i 900Mhz on hand for another unrelated project so we decided to put it through the wringers and the results far exceeded expectations given that our direct path was literally through dirt.

I'm happy to say, the link is providing an aggregate ~40Mbit on a 10Mhz channel and our customer is very pleased.

This is our path profile:

Link Registration Stats:

And link capacity testing results:

We completely expect this link performance could increase with larger chanel sizes given the relatively low 900mhz noise floor here, but all they needed was 10Mbit, so why waste the spectrum, right?

Kudos to Cambium, these are some pretty fantastic numbers and we're excited to deploy more of these.


Cool link! I'm actually very familiar with that area as I drive through it on my way from Bend or Portland. You guys have a lot of snow up there!! I'm curious to see what happens when it's dry up there. Anyway, nice work on the link!


This is great to hear, nwtowers! Was this customer previously served with another gear or is this is the first wireless service for the customer?

Also, what kind of applications is this customer now able to use, ex: Netflix, VoIP etc?

Thanks for the post!


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I echo Sri's response.  Thanks for the detailed report on the performance of the 900 MHz PMP 450i gear!

If you want to add additional clients, it seems you certainly have some headroom on this sector to do so.

Glad it's working for you.


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It's deployed as a dedicated PTP. It feeds a gas station, applications are IP Video surveilance, POS, VoIP, and web based business operations apps. We won't be adding anything new to the link. Previously they had a DSL line through the local telco (CenturyLink) which has a reputation of being offline about half the winter. 

We've deployed quite a bit of wireless (both wifi and PTP links) for them, this is their first experience with completely NLOS, sending signals through dirt, wireless, and they're definitely pleased with the results.


Thanks Eric, we're thankful for the snow this year for sure, but I'm still jealous of yours. We do most of our skiing at Batchelor. You should stop by next time you're in Portland, I run Stephouse Networks as well, maybe you've heard of us?

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