PMP450i 900mhz Rocking on the Big Island

We are loving the new PMP450i 900mhz here in the Jungles of the Big Island. We are getting speeds of 10-30mb with signals as high as -79. We are currently using 7mhz channel widths.

And These are sectors running near our existing 900mhz systems (not Cambium). We are upgrading as fast as we can afford! 



I can't decide what's cooler about this post. The 900 MHz 450i with awesome performance or the fact that its on the Big Island. :)

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Awesome... Mahalo!

This is great. Can you film a quick one or two minute video telling us about your experience? What kind of customers do you connect, and (of course) can they stream Netflix?

Probably you could adjust the tilt angle of the Yagi antenna for better signal reception and there by throughput. I looks to me that antenna is installed pretty horizontal, a +5Deg would improve the throughput in my view. Better try this antenna tilt feature.

Just wanted to update our story a litte more. We continue to deploy as much Cambium 900 as we can afford to. 

Our first 4 sector array using 4 Cambium 900 sectors and Packet Flux GPS sync. ABAB, 7 mhz channel width. 


Looks great Elbow! What kind of throughput are you able to deliver, especially in peak times?

About 20-30mb per sector. We still have a lot of UBNT gear in the area that is throwing interference at our Cambium gear. I think once we upgrade everyone we'll see better performance. And perhaps we'll explore 10mhz channels if we need to. But our customer's are pretty happy with the current performance. 

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