PMP450i Cambium Networks Gemini Spare EMC Cable Gland

Can anyone  please confirm that a Cambium Networks - PTP 400 600 - Gemini Spare EMC Cable Gland will also fit on a PMP450 also?

Can you provide a part number for the Gland, or a picture?

For PMP 450, the glands are plastic, and different than those of the PMP 450i, which are PG-16 style, and metal (note that the "spares" we sell today have a black metal cover).


What is the part number?

hci - What specifically are you looking for the part number for?

We don't sell the plastic glands, but we do sell the ones pictured above in spare 10-packs. 

This is part number N000065L033A.

If I didn't answer your question, let me know.