PMP450i failure - POE pinout issue?

Can having swapped green-white and blue wires in the cat 5 POE fry a 450i?

Can you clarify that question a little bit.

If an AP is powered over POE, is it possible an incorrectly wired cat 5 cable can hose the AP? For example, if the pinout wiring isn’t correct.

It is possible it depends on the pins that were switched. The other possibility is no longer being able to link at gigabit. You see this often when plugging a POE in to a non POE device

Hello @rnelson ,

if the PMP 450i is powered by a power injector, no need to swap the wires. Use the straight through connection.

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Niragira Olympe

Hi Olympe,

The techs accidentally switched pin 3 and pin 4 going into the AP to the POE injector. Would that be enough to cause an AP to fail?

Hello @rnelson ,
I am not sure if this can cause an AP to fail. Is the AP offline? Is it damaged? Can you a factory made patch cable on the table and try to power the PMP 450i and see how it goes. Normally, you need the right wire code in order to power up the radio and allow the traffic to go through.

What issue do you have now?

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Niragira Olympe

Short answer: yes it is possible. But so is other reasons.

Long answer:

The 450i uses the canopy pinout with a higher voltage. So if tou had and LPU in the line then there is no worries. The LPU will just ground out the crossed pair. Unfortunately it also means you could have a hosed LPU.
If you do not have an LPU in line then you could still blow out an APs ethernet transformer. You would see this as the APs diagnostic lights come on but the ethernet link does not come up.

Since it was pins 3 and 4 you can try setting your ethernet port on your laptop to 100/half or 10/half. These settings use different pairs to accomplish the link. Normally 100/half uses pins 1&2 while 10/half uses 3&6 though I have seen both use pins 1&2 on some intel and broadcom based devices. Either way this will let you know what is toasted.