PMP450i- Local access issue- when link up

I have connected a PMP450i SM Radio with PMP450m AP.After the link establishment i am not able to access my SM locally.
A person who is in AP side, he is able to see the Link and he is able to access the SM. But, he is not able to ping my laptop.

When i change the direction of SM to disconnect the link… i am able to ping thr SM locallay without any issue…

Can anyone help me to figureout the issue…

I know that if you’re using VLAN’s that after the SM connects to the AP, the VLAN’s are created and unless you have a laptop that is capable of breaking out the VLAN’s, you won’t be able to access the SM’s mgmt IP.

Hi Eric,

I have connected the SM with L2 switch and the same switch provide power to SM. Before the link establish i can able to access the SM through mgnt vlan…but, after the link establishment i am not able to access locally through the mgnt vlan.

In the AP, are the vlans needed added in the Configuration->VLAN tab? Management vid needs to be set in both the textbox and added as an active member configuration. Same with SM, the client vlan needs to be on provider pvid, default port vid, management pvid, and added to active member table. We run multiple vlans over AP to SM, and this is how we to do it (one vlan per SM).


Thank you rnelson.i am able to access after change the default vlan id as mgnt vlan id in SM side.