PMP450i Local Access Issue


Q1: Should I be able to ping/browse to a PMP450i locally i.e. over it’s local copper interface even if the uplink is down?

It has been suggested to me that the answer may be no.
Q2 If so is this down to a setting in the config?

I have moved a mobile tower from location A to location B.
All was working fine at location A. I could SSH to the switch remotely over the backhaul uplink.
At location B I connect to the local switch via a local port.
The switch can see the PMP450i on LLDP including the IP address as shown.
Cambium unit seems to not reply to ARP (so no ping or HTTP response).
Much appreciate any reply…

Is the switch port at the new location configured the same as the port at the old location? Wondering if there is anything such as MAC filtering occurring.

The entire logical and physical configuration as drawn is unchanged.
show spann int Gi1/10 on the switch shows all vlans forwarding. No issue there.
So you seem to say the answer to Q1 is no? The local interface should still respond even if the uplink is down? Appreciate you replying…

If the laptop is on the same network segment as the AP, one should be able to reach the management IP of the AP. That’s why I was wondering if the switch ports were setup the same, i.e. no filtering, same vlans, etc but if you are seeing the ip via lldp, that would indicate connectivity. Is client traffic passing or is everything down?

@rnelson thanks… all those checks have been done. All otherwise working.
Further update to come shortly

This update sent to Cambium Support

1.Connect laptop direct to POE
Am able to establish connection to 450i SM
2.Restore switch back to POE
a.Fault returns (cannot connect to SM via switch)
3.Change Port switch to access port vlan = Management vlan on SM
a.Can now connect via switch
4.Reconfigure Trunk. Set native vlan = SM Management vlan
a.Can still connect via switch
5.Restore original naitve vlan on trunk. Management vlan is now on of the tagged vlans on the trunk
a.Symptom returns

1.When the SM – AP uplink is connected this fault does not occur.
a.That is to say it is possible to connect vis local switch
b.Management traffic is carried over the trunk as one of the tagged vlans
2.When the SM – AP uplink drops the fault occurs
a.No longer possible to connect via local switch to manage the SM
b.In this condition SM does not respond to ARP. No ICMP reply, not possible to browse to SM
c.Workaround is to either
i.Make the switch port an access port with access vlan = SM management vlan; OR
ii.Make the trunk native vlan = SM management vlan
3.Above tests observed with
b.Board Model (Part No) = C050045C002B

So we have a workaround.
Colleagues of mine have seen the same issue elsewhere.

Is it possible to change the title of a blog?
A better title would be something like
PMP 450i Local Access Issue
Note I also have a typo PNP should be PMP