PMP450i Not Passing EAPS Control VLAN Traffic

I am in need of some help.  I have a new mountain-top AP installation that I am serving with an 18 GHz PTP820S link, with two 3.65 GHz PMP450i AP's.  I use Extreme Networks Summit series switches, and use their EAPS protocol (Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching) for a backup loop for managment (instead of Spanning Tree).  I am trying to use an AP to SM link as the backup link for my management/monitoring purposes.  The simplified flow is in the attached drawing (testing this in my office right now).

I am unable to get the AP/SM combo to pass the control traffic generated by the switch.  There is a deciated control VLAN created, that carries only this control traffic between the switches, no IP traffic at all (just tagged out and in at each node).  The master switch generates the packets with a source MAC 00-E0-2B-00-00-01 and a destination MAC 00-E0-2B-00-00-04.

With the primary port (control egress) connected to the 450i AP, I see the frames received on this control VLAN (in Statistics), but not transmitted, and do not see the source or desintation MAC listed in the Bridging Table.

With the secondary port (control ingress) connected to the 450i SM, I do not see any packets on the control VLAN, but I see the source MAC in the Bridging Table on Eth0.

I'm not sure why the radios don't pass this traffic properly.  I have the VLANs configuraed correctly (I use VLANs a lot).  I have been using this method for many years, currently over 10 other links that use PTP radios, without issue.

Thanks in advance.


This is beyond me, but I have asked that smarter engineering guys take a look at this and respond. Hope to get someone to look at it today... 

Unfortunately I am not familiar with EAPS.  Before researching it, is it possible to get a Wireshark capture of the some sample packets.  With the statement the entries are not in the bridge table, I would need to figure out why.  In the meantime not knowing the packets, do you have on the Configuration General page, Bridge configuration, Forward unknown unicast packets enabled?  Disabled keeps the AP from forwarding rf traffic if the mac address is unknown to keep garbage packets from wasting bandwidth.  Enable forwarding will forward to known and unknown mac addresses fo the bridge table.