PMP450i SM 30v PS or 56v?

I could have sworn that the first run of 450i SM's were good old 30v canopy power supplies.  Am I out to lunch on this?  I think the 900 450i sm is still 30v, but the spec sheet shows the 5 and 3ghz sm's as 56, just like the APs.

If it did change, does anyone know what mac address or part number differentiates them?

450i requires 802.3at power (48-56 VDC).

450 requires "Canopy" power (20-32 VDC).

900 MHz is a bit of a hybrid, in that the AP is a 450i, and the SM is a 450.

I can see how this is a bit confusing, and apologies for that... but they haven't changed since release.

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Aha... I figured it out.  I had a 450 High Gain integrated 3ghz radio I was looking at (more accurately, a colleague had in another office).  They look identical to the 450i integrated radios but still the same old 30v radio in the 450i shell.  I forgot they were a thing to be honest.

Yes, another complexity.  This product was created to integrate a higher gain (and better performing) antenna into the 3 GHz subscriber, but prior to having the actual 450i product available.

Sorry for confusion, and that's the reason we put a big "30 Volt Only" sticker on the back of those units... 

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