PMP450i SM Upgrade how to

Is there an article describing how to do this?
I have searched KB and form see things about CNUT blah no how to
Cant find anything on the GUI of the device.
Existing = CANOPY SM (Looks quite old)
Target = CANOPY

Multiple steps?

On P97 I see this…

So off I go looking for the software…

You can find the software here:

You can find CNUT here:

There are a couple things to watch out for when upgrading from such an early version (R16) to R22. IIRC, they remove DES encryption at some point and you need to choose either none, or AES (you should choose AES BTW!). You should typically always update the SM’s first, and then the AP last. Be careful when doing this, you might want to do a bench test update first and then very slowly roll out the updates.

Thanks Eric.
The SM I need to upgrade is not on the network.
I am connecting locally to it.
Is there anything I can to do on CNUT to make sure it does not discover live units and initiate auto upgrades?
Thanks again

Q2 It seems I need to set the element type (in my case to a PMP450i SM)
But it is greyed out see below.
What am I doing wrong?

Just play around and look through all the options in CNUT, if you get stuck, read the manual… you’ll figure it out :grin:

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Thanks again Eric.
I did not realise there was a manual - I thought the config guide was the manual.
From what I read the CNUT process is predicated on a SM being connected to an AP.
Is this necessary to upgrade? (Q2)
I have an SM on the bench, as it were.
Can I use CNUT to upgrade it?
Appreciate your help…

To answer your questions, no, and yes. Read the manual.

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