PMP450i to Cisco Native VLAN Issue


I have a PMP 450i AP connected to a Cisco IE3300 via ethernet (to a fast ethernet port). On the AP I have VLAN enabled and VLAN 210 set as the Management VLAN, I have dynamic learning enabled. On the cisco I have the port set as a trunk port allowing several different VLANs and the native VLAN (management) set to 210. My issue is that when the cisco port native VLAN is set to 210 (the same as the AP), I cannot access the AP from the cisco. If I change the native VLAN on the cisco port to 1 and leave the management LVAN on the AP as 210, I am able to access the AP. This issue is the same for other VLANs - if the same VLAN is set as management on the AP and Native VLAN on the cisco, they stop talking.

I thought I should be able to set them the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

Setting screenshots attached.

Included Subscriber module screenshots as well for reference.

Any help would be appreciated

Do you plan on changing vlans a lot? If not, maybe turn off dynamic learning. We turn off dynamic learning and it works great.

Otherwise, maybe someone from cambium can help with the dynamic learning portion.

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Hi Jim,

When VLANs are enabled on the AP and Management VLAN is set to VLAN 210, AP’s Management will only respond to traffic tagged with VLAN 210.
When you configure the native VLAN on the Cisco switch as 210, as you know, the VLAN 210 traffic egressing out of the trunk port are untagged.
Since the VLAN 210 traffic from the trunk port to the AP are untagged, AP will not respond and remains inaccessible.
When the native VLAN on the switch is changed to a different VLAN Id, say 1, the VLAN 210 traffic from the trunk port to the AP will be tagged and AP will be accessible.

Hope this answers your question.


Thank you.

I have left the cisco port as VID 1 and can now access the AP.

On the SM end I have a Moxa switch - I set the trunk port PVID to 210 and tagged required VLANs. This seems to work - is this correct?

The VLAN routing across the cambium link doesn’t seem to be working correctly however. See stats:

The egress means that it is being filtered out as it doesn’t meet a specified VLAN, correct? Any idea what I need to changed based on the previous screenshots of my VLAN configuration?

I tried disabling dynamic learning and added in required members: 1,210,212,213,215,218,1212 and this still didn’t work.

It appears, from the logs you’ve sent, VLANs on AP and SM are working as expected.

Hi Jim,

Please see this post to set up vlans on the sm:

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