PMP450i vs. 900 MHz FHSS power meters

I'm thinking about trying PMP450i in a rather wooded, mountainous area where the electric utility has installed iTron CL200 Type C2SNR meters. These operate on the 902 MHz band using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum.  They're just blasters, transmitting a few packets every second, not polled.  Their bit rate is not terribly high -- I think the signals are around 200 kHz wide, hopping through about 50 channels over much, but not all, of the band.

Is it possible for the PMP450i to work in this sort of environment?  I'm thinking that the FHSS signal  will knock out one or two of the OFDM carriers at a time, but not even 10% of them, on a 10 MHz channel. So would the FEC make up for it? Or is the FEC limited to individual blocks on a single carrier?  Thanks.

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I would invite our customers with more experience in this area to respond also, but we have heard that the PMP 450i can survive and work fairly well in this type of environment.  The only time issues are seen is when the  devices require firmware updgrade (or some other sustained data transfer).  This happens once every few weeks, and we've heard of some providers actually coordinating the times with the power company to minimize customer disruption.