PMP450i web interface locks up and hangs up

We are having a very annoying issue with the PMP450i interface. We have mostly noticed this with the new 900mhz antennas, but we have deployed a lot more of those. 

Occassionaly the SM and AP web page will just hang there and not load at all. Happens on differnt Browsers and different OS. It can sometimes increase the install time by 30 mins just waiting for the web page to load. 

Is there anything we can do to prevent this or remedy it when it happens? Is the Javascript hanging up?

Which firmware version are you running? We haven’t seen this problem at all on any of the 900 MHz 450i stuff or PTP450i’s. These do not use Java, so that’s not the problem. Does it happen with different computers as well? If you hit Refresh does it load? If you reboot the SM does it load?


Just to clear out if its a browser issue or radio issue, Please do a ping to AP and see if it is still responding when web hang happen?

For the AP, yes I ping it and it responds fine, but the web interface hangs or takes forever to load. 

On the SM side, I can still pass traffic fine and load webpages, but the web interface will hang. 

I wasn't refering to Java, but javascript, which I assume is what the web interface uses to keep the page up to date.