PMP450M CBRS SFP port gland?

WHAT is the part number to order the gland that screws in/around the SFP ports on the PMP450M 3GHz AP?? We’re set up to use SFP fiber to communicate with the AP, but can’t install it on the tower yet because we’re unable to identify and order the stupid thing. We were informed that what we wanted was C000000L124A, but when those arrived they are plastic instead of steel, and incorrect diameter.


It’s N000000L140A that you need… this is a pack of 5 of the extended glands (metal).


Apologies that you were given incorrect information. If you’d like to let me know where that came from, it may help to correct things for future inquiries. Feel free to email me directly. matt @

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Thanks, 5 in hand now. Boss got the (incorrect) part#, not sure who misinformed him.