PMP450m in...Engineering mode?

Hi, I do not know how I did it, but I saw from the CNMaestro that an AP PMP 450m 15.1.5 was no longer accessible, I went into the AP and had 100% CPU and almost zero Ethernet / radio traffic.

I extracted the file diag with the command field_diags.cgi and when I came back I found this Engineering mode but I can not restart the AP now!


Ok, the problem occurs when you download the diag files. Going back to the AP and refreshing the page, that mode appears .... it returns to normal by entering telnet and giving the command "reset". it's normal?

Hi Tuvix,

Not something I have seen before.

If you send me the diags file I'll get it investigated, 

although you should remember that by now :)

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Hello, sent the files now :)

Thank you Tuvix_IT for sending the diagnostic files.

To refer to the question in the title, we think the 100% CPU is linked to the engineering mode observation.

The last thing an AP will (try to) do on shutdown/reboot is collect engineering diags for debug purposes, for this it will briefly enter 'engineering mode'. In this case there seems to have been a crash/reboot during the collection process (as the CPU was already 100% it could not process the diags request properly) and the AP came back up without reverting to the normal mode. As there wasn't an engineering key most things were 'greyed' out and unavailable when the AP came back. Another reboot got things back to normal.

We are still investigating the cause of the initial CPU 100% observation. If any other users see it please let us know.

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