PMP450m Input Power

We are going to install PMP450m Radio in 110mtr height of the Tower.For data, Planned to use SFP provide the power we have planned to use cat6-armourd cable,the cable length will come around 125mtrs.

It will work or not? if not, what is the other option to power up the radio??

Hello Sir,
Here are the options:

  1. 110 m of tower height, this is quite high. Can you use lower than this like 70-80 meters? Use LINKPlanner to study your coverage and make sure if you really need 110 meters of height. Because it is not common that you always need such height for broadband wireless access fixed services.
  2. If you cannot lower the PMP 450m AP height, you need a license for the SFP port. The part number for the Single Mode SFP kit for 450m is C000065L008A. Then, you would need to have maybe a small box on the tower that would host the AC+DC power injector with part number C000065L002 powered via DC cables from down to the tower so that you reduces the Ethernet.
    cable length.
    The best option, plan well with LINKPlanner the coverage and reduce the height installation of the PMP 450m AP. Let me know if you need assistance with LINKPlanner.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Agree with Olympe here in that the longest tested Ethernet PoE cable length is 100m. We cannot guarantee anything beyond that, because there is voltage drop across the cable, and the 450m (assuming we are talking about 5 GHz) draws about 70W (up to 80W) of power.

The suggestion of placing the power injector at some point on the tower (in an enclosure), to reduce the cable length to something less than 100m would work.

Regarding the SFP, starting with software R16, the license is no longer required, and you can enable the SFP port directly in the radio GUI. We sell a 1 Gbps SFP module under part number: SFP-1G-SX, which has MSRP of $29.95.

Hello Mr. Matt,

thank you for the shared experience.

Indeed, the PMP 450m AP is a great access point from my field experience in Rwanda.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Dear Mr.Olympe &Matt ,

Thank you for your response.

We can reduce the height of PMP450 installation at 90m. Even if 90m installation also, we need minimum 105m cable.
As per RF Planner, We cannot reduce the installation height below 90m & we cannot use AC power junction boxes anywhere in tower.
Kindly guide me.

Dear Prabakaran,

would you share with me inbox the LINKPlanner file with the tower GPS and area of interest to connect for review?
Let me try to reach inbox too.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe