PMP450m , max amount of subscribers?

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What's the maximum of subscribers modules a PMP450m will allow to connect to it ? 


238... however, that's the technical maximum limit, and probably not the reasonable limit.


Eric is correct. 238 is the limit for ALL 450 platform Access Points, including 450m.

haha cool , well that explains that then :)

Registered SM Count :
235 (235 Data VCs)
Sync Pulse Status :
Receiving Sync
Sync Pulse Source :
Timing Port/UGPS
Maximum Count of Registered SMs :

Impressive! Would you mind sharing some throughput and link quality statistics?

Yes, we'd be interested in seeing some stats on this sector (if you're willing to provide).

sure thing, I'll post some data the moment I get the chance.


Hi Steph,

Engineering would be interested in too.

We have a couple of rigs set up with 238 SMs just to make sure everything still works, but I'm not sure we've seen any field results.

Is there a chance you could collect some field diags for us ? (browse to IPADDRESS/field_diags.cgi) ?

Send them to me ( if you can and we will let you know anything interesting we spot (nothing shared to forums without your permission)

We are looking at increasing the maximum supported number but I'm not sure of customer demand for this, it would eat up resources we could use elsewhere.

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Steph has kindly provided us with a diagnostics file for this 450m running with 238 SMs.

From looking at these we were pleased to see very good, indeed excellent, overall performance.

There was a nice spread of spatial frequencies (azimuth) for the SMs and very good grouping statistics (3.4 average and 5.3 on link test)

The MU-MIMO rates were 4XB or 6XB in the majority (SMs were up to 8 miles distant).

Somewhat unsurprisingly the Frame Utilization was hitting near 100% in both directions, but the sector utilization still showed some headroom and RF discard rate was low (i.e. most users weren’t dropping packets)

We had a couple of suggestions but, overall, the engineering team were very happy with the performance of 450m with 238SMs in the wild !

Thanks Steph !

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Would love to know what kind of plans are offered on this at this capacity.  Actual throughput numbers would be awesome.  I'm sure it'd make a great whitepaper for Cambium...

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