PMP450m (non MU-MIMO) vs ePMP2000+Smart antenna

I’ve tried Googling this, but can’t find any answers.

Does anyone have real world stats/tests that compare the PMP450m(without MU-MIMO unlock) or PMP450i with the ePMP2000 + Smart Beamforming antenna?

Will the ePMP2000+Smart give better performance in noisy environments because the 450i/450m(locked) does not have any beamforming?

This is a tough question as all three products (450i, 450m, and ePMP 2000 w/BSA) have very different use cases, filtering options and price ranges.

If you're new to the world of Cambium and you're going to be deploying in an interference laden environment, I'd start with the ePMP 2000 w/BSA.

ePMP2000: great improvement for epmp; beamforming makes big diference.

PMP450i: next step in the quality of service lader

PMP450m: Is the best technology avaliable today. the lite version HAS beamforming; full version adds mumimo.

We’re already using ePMP2000+Smart on our network. On some towers we have up to 4x sectors in the same direction to handle the load. Feels like we’re going down the same path as the old Ubiquiti network we had.

PMP450m Full is quite pricey, so we will start with PMP450m Lite and upgrade later when required.

If PMP450m has beamforming (no Mu-Mimo), we should get better performance and same noise mitigation as compared to ePMP2000+Smart, with the option to upgrade to MU-MIMO later.

Would be nice to know if anyone actually tested the difference between ePMP2000+Smart and PMP450m Lite in the field.

We have 1 x ePMP200+smart and 1 x Medusa in the same tower, same azimuth.

I think the diference of these two platforms is avaliability. We try to use ePMP for shared bandwith services (small business); and 450 for dedicated bandwith services, data services, last miles for other carriers.

PMP450 is realy carrier class hard to beat platform. tolerates more interference than ePMP.

On several sites with low interference we also deliver dedicated 30mbps services on force200 ptp.

At the end, it depends how many interference there is to decide the right equipment for the job.