PMP450M not Grouping


I've submitted a ticket (182780) 12 days ago for this problem and I hear nothing back from support. Very disappointed at the responses. All of them are "Please wait another 24 / 48 hours, I am a new person looking at the case, please wait another 24 hours...) on and on it goes.

As a Cambium supporter thru and thru this is extremely frustrating and annoying to get lack of support from anyone.

The problem is a 450M AP is not grouping SM's together when doing a linktest for all users. Collected field_diags and have been told they're corrupted????

Please help me Cambium. I could really use some proper support. 

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When you look at the Link Status page, are you having issues with just a few clients not participating in MU-MIMO or everyone on the DL or UL?

ALSO... I assume you're running 16.0.1 on everything?

Everyone not grouping, they did group before last time we did a check on 15.2.1. We run a link test on all LUID and it comes back with grouping of 1.1 or 1.2

Currently on 

There's another 450m right beside this one that is grouping properly. 

Are your clients all running 16.0.1?

Do you have an RSM or RTM you work with? Sometimes these things can be resolved or escalated with the help from one of them.


Sorry to hear about your frustrations.  I have asked my L3 support team to get engaged with this issue and pull engineering in where needed to get this pushed to resolution.   Someone should be contacting you shortly and we will keep you in the loop as to the progress/next steps.


Director - Technical Support

After being esclated problem was found within 3 hours. 

There was one SM set with high priority QOS which when you run a link test on all LUID with all priorty's selected, caused a starve situation where other SM's were unable to send data and group.

Removing the high priority off the SM solved the issue, as well as running a link test with only low priority also fixed the link tests.

I appareciate the quick follow up after this thread was posted from everyone at Cambium, still frustrated that it has to come to this when a tech with proper knowledge had this figured out in the span of a morning instead of lingering multiple weeks. 


I agree Ryan. Sorry it lingered so long... but glad it got resolved, and posted.

Putting the solution out here may save someone else frustration and time in the future. Thanks for remaining loyal to Cambium, and we are using this experience to better improve customer support interactions in the future.

Thanks again!