PMP450M showing ifInErrors via SNMP but not via webUI?


We are running a 15.1 official Medusa and when SNMP polling the MIB . we are seeing errors. The mib reports as IF-MIB::ifInErrors.1. If I check the interface it shows under statistics > ethernet  there are no errors shown. The count is oddly close to inucastpkts Count.

Is this the correct MIB? When I snmpwalk it the MIB appears correct and reports the same high error count.

Which is correct?

snmpwalk -v2c -c Removed .

IF-MIB::ifInErrors.1 = Counter32: 11800336
IF-MIB::ifInErrors.2 = Counter32: 7479282

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Bump - we are also seeing this.

Have you tried updating software to the latest R15.1.5?  We made many bug fix updates in this release.  Please try this, and post whether you're still seeing this.