PMP450V over $1000 per subscriber module

Am I reading the pricing right for the PMP450V at over $1K per subscriber module? if that’s the case I’m not sure how this is going to math out.

Between Tarana and cambiums new 450 lineup the ROI is getting ridiculous.

Right with an 18 month ROI target that means over 60 bucks a month to just pay for the subscriber module that’s not including the AP, the Site lease, bandwidth, support and infrastructure costs. I was super excited about 6E but not so much anymore i just can’t make the math work without seriously raising prices. Tarana is even worse on the ROI calculations at 21k for a base station.

Its not wildly surprising. Not trying to be a troll, but have you looked at their stock price and Q1 2024 reports. Either the production/manufacturing costs are much higher on these units, or this is an attempt to stop the bleeding, buy charging high prices for long anticipated equipment. Lets be honest, they could slap a 2000$ price tag on it and some people would still order it by the truckload.

My comment was a little harsh. Taking the stock price out of the conversation, the cost of everything it getting out of hand. Between research, development, testing, proofing, transport, taxes and tariffs, the price trend is just going to have to continue to raise. At least cambium products have been rock solid.

It’s not the full picture though. There are three SM models that will eventually be available.

450v will be in 4x4 and 2x2, and you’re probably referring to the more expensive 4x4 variant. Then a 450b6 will follow, which I think will be more cost-effective still. So in the same way if you were to judge the PMP 450i or 450m family by only the 450i SM, it would never work for most WISP’s in terms of ROI, but the 450b High and Mid-Gain are what make it viable for the operators in our region, nobody uses 450i SM’s. Still expensive of course, but more reasonable than using 450i.

So in my opinion it will be a while before the portfolio might start to make sense to any operator where SM pricing is key.

450i is used heavily with industrial customers like oil gas, mining etc.

The 450b makes it cost effective for WISP’s

450b6 will be the cost effective option yes, but it has limitations, mainly being only capable of using 5.7-6.3 GHz. That leaves the majority of the band unusable by the cheap radio.

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