PMP450x Release is now available

Cambium is officially releasing the PMP450x Radio software. Bug fix release for CBRS and all of 450 series.

Radio software and documentation can be found at
CBRS procedures that involve both cnMaestro and radio software can be found in the cnMaestro repository at will be available on cloud cnMaestro within 24 hours.

PMP 450x Release Notes (247.7 KB)

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LQI still not working!

Could you please share engineering.cgi of AP and SM with me, at Thanks.

in Maestro red reply: tech_dump is not possible!

You can grab the engineering.cgi file form the AP/SM as follows:

  • Access the AP/SM Web GUI from a Web browser.
  • Login to the AP/SM Web GUI
  • Once logged in, engineering.cgi file can be accessed at
    http://< Device Ip >/engineering.cgi
  • Save the file.
    If you are using Google Chrome browser, save it as a “.cgi” file.
    If you are using IE, save it as “.html” file.

file sent via email.

Thank you

Thanks for the logs.

LQI isn’t working on 450m AP, in 4.9 GHz band.
This is a bug and we will fix it in a future release. is not showing up in the cnArcher PMP download list. Looks like neither is 20.0.1.

Sorry for the inconvenience, George.
Will fix it in 24 hours.

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Anyone running this version network wide yet that can give some insight? Support has recommended we upgrade to from version 16.2.2, but we are concerned about the known issues listed in the release notes regarding the AP CBRS resets, lock-ups and connection drops (CPY-16748, CPY-16975, and CPY-16820). Looking for community feedback before we pull the trigger as we have approximately 3000 450 devices spread between 3G and 5G.

How widespread and frequent are the issues noted above?