PMP450x Release is now available

Cambium is officially releasing the PMP450x Radio software.

Radio software and documentation can be found at the PMP450 downloads page, and will be available on cnMaestro cloud.

Enhancements in System Release

Products Affected Tracking Description
450m, 450b and 450i CPY-17643 Support for new Ethernet PHY on 450 product family. New hardware revisions of the 450b and 450i based products are expected to be released early 1st quarter 2022. This also includes the 450 retro and microPoP products, which are 450b based. For these new revisions, System Release will be the oldest allowed software version, and downgrade attempts to lower releases will be prevented. The hardware revision can be identified as the PHY ID under Statistics → Ethernet on the radio’s GUI. The older hardware will show “Atheros 8035” and the newer hardware will show “ADIN 1300”. Hardware revisions of the 450m based products will be released later in the 1st half of 2022.

Problems and Limitations corrected in System Release

Products Affected Tracking Description
450m AP CPY-17802 450m crashed due to a GPS message parsing issue for a site running a very old version of uGPS firmware.
All AP/BHM PMP products CPY-17769 Fixed an issue where new registering SMs are being assigned already used VC numbers that have not been fully cleared for reallocation.
450m and 450b CPY-17731 Fixed reset in SSH task reported on 450m and 450b.
450i/450 AP/BHM CPY-17694 Fatal Error reset seen when changing Channel Bandwidth with many SMs registered.
All AP/BHM PMP products CPY-17628 Improvements to uplink registration detection to improve uplink throughput, seen mainly on 900 MHz.
All SM types CPY-17480 SMs occasionally failed to connect to cnMaestro due to an SSL certificate read error.
450 MicroPoP CPY-17383 The Invalid Message Count field on the Sync Status UI page increments by one every second on a MicroPoP Connectorized AP whenever the onboard GPS is active. This issue affected only the connectorized hardware and was not seen on the Omni/Sector MicroPoP versions. This issue was considered an invalid statistic, which did not cause any issue with sync stability.
All AP/BHM PMP products CPY-15412 Corrections to EVM incorrectly reported worse in a few traffic cases.
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Was this announcement made earlier and we just missed it? A little concerned it is already mid 1st quarter 2022 and we have some serious testing that needs to be completed before being able to upgrade all of our devices.

Will firmware version run on a 16.x AP or does the AP need to be updated to as well?

I don’t know if this announcement was made previously. Soon coming out of the factory some of the 450b radios will have support for an new Ethernet PHY chip and that support we put into Other products (450, 450i, 450m) will follow later as well.

Sorry for the short notice, but this change was out of our control and driven by a chip shortage that is forcing our changeover.

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< rant> I need to be clear here: We do not support running mixed versions on SM and AP. We have lots of different versions out there, and besides upgrade/downgrade testing, we do not test every permutation of software versions on AP/SMs.

That being said, we do not intentionally break compatibility, but sometimes to move the platform forward we must. But if someone open a support ticket, the first thing I’d ask support to check is make sure everything is on the same version.</ rant>

But to answer your question: Yes, on the SM will connect to an AP on 16.X. In the release notes there is a compatibility Matrix:

Now if it is CBRS, you have to have the AP on 16.2 or later.

So you didn’t even say exactly what version your AP is on (I’d recommend if you’re on the 16.X line still) but it should work fine with SM on Note other way around with AP on 20.X and SM on 16.X will run at max 2X MIMO-B until SM is upgraded.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Charlie! One more question - can utilize cnMaestro 2.x or does it require cnMaestro 3.x? We will be upgrading cnMaestro soon but wasn’t sure if it was a hard requirement.

We are unable to download the new version in the cnArcher app. Try the download and it stops. The rest of the versions work correctly. Can you check?

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Oops. Sorry about that. We fixed the issue. Thanks for letting us know, @jriera!

Are you talking CBRS or not? CBRS I’m pretty sure you have to be on a later than 2.X version. (CBRS is not my area of expertise.)

Non CBRS, I’m can’t recall cnMaestro on-premise a backwards compatibility issue, but not 100% sure.

We use non-CBRS with cnMaestro.