PMP450x Release is now available

Cambium is officially releasing the PMP450x Radio software.

Radio software and documentation can be found at, and will be available on cnMaestro cloud within 24 hours.

System Release is a maintenance release of System Release 21.1 with primarily bug fixes. It also is now the minimum version required for operating the new 3 GHz 450m P7 hardware.

Several software bugs are fixed in System Release The primary fix driving the release is CPY-18021, impacting PMP 450m APs. This bug was introduced in System Release 21.1 and is now fixed in System Release

PMP 450m operators are encouraged to avoid System Release 21.1 and move their APs to System Release

Problems and limitations corrected in System Release

Products Affected Tracking Description
450 SM CPY-18040 450 SMs, running System Release 21.1, randomly lose some saved parameters due to flash backup failure. These could be configuration items that resulted in the SM no longer being able to be in session with the AP.
AP CPY-18103 Fixed rare invalid character in GPS table that resulted in an error when parsing engineering dump.
450m CPY-18079 Various parameter edits caused unexpected bandwidth changes on 450m.
All CPY-18038 Fixed for Indonesia regulatory limits in 2.4 GHz band.
AP CPY-18035 Fixed reset due to memory leak when NTP servers are unreachable in System Release 21.0 and System Release 21.1.
AP CPY-18027 Downlink Modulation was not updating on cnMaestro in System Release 21.1, change AP OID name back to rateAdapt.
All CPY-18023 Fixed for Indonesia regulatory limits in 5.8 GHz band.
450m CPY-18021 TXFB tracking outside of tolerance after upgrading to System Release 21.1.
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Due to CPY-18040 listed above, I’d highly recommend anyone running 21.1 to upgrade to

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@Charlie I updated a 450m and 450b high gain subs and one of the subs got stuck in a loop of Scanning, Syncing and Registering… then it would go back to scanning and the loop would continue. I tried rebooting the SM but the loop continued and it would never finalize the registration. I put the SM back to 21.1 and it registered to the AP instantaneously.

Craptacular. This is the first report I’ve heard of this, and we ran betas for a long time. Would you PM me the engineering.cgi of the SM and the AP? Not sure if there will be anything helpful in there or not since the unit has been downgraded, but worth a look.


You know it’s bad when Cambium use the word “craptacular”


Did you downgraded the Subscriber Module, not the AP? Did you have local access to it?

I down graded the SM… left AP at… as I said above, Instantly after downgrading the loop ended… it scanned, sync’d and registered.

And sorry, yes I was locally at the SM site.

I will get that to you asap. Thank you!

It would be much appreciated, as I’m very eager to look into it.

Any Update here? We’re having odd issues with Ping Times escalating for days at a time to some SMs, some of which have great signals, and want to see if fixes this issue.

It is still under initial investigation. I have yet to get any logs or more info from @DigitalMan2020, I’ll reach out again to see if he can get some info. In the meantime, there’s also no other customers reporting any issues yet either.


Was there anything discovered with this? We are looking at upgrading to this release but are holding off to ensure this isn’t something that might impact our deployment.


Same here was going to upgrade to this release and held off for the same reason


I have gotten two screenshots but nothing else to look at yet, unfortunately. We have not received any reports from any other customers seeing something like this. So it is a bit of a mystery at this point while this one SM had an issue while we have over 5000 radios updated on the cloud to with no similar issues reported.


ok, so that means at least 5000 units have been upgraded and one report of a problem. That’s good enough for me to pull the trigger.

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We’ve updated 1500+ (450m, 450i, 450b, 450, all bands) and have not seen any issues.


I’ve indentified interference which was responsible for the SM not connecting back. It was seen from the AP’s Spectrum Analysis. I don’t think it is specifically. On another attempt, after a long time eventually the SM connected even while on We switched it to 20 MHz and the SM connected on its first attempt.

I’m continuing the investigation and there still remains no other similar reports, so is looking like a stable release.

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We have updated 6k SM’s and 130 AP’s (450, 450i, 450m, 450b) and haven’t seen any problem.


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