PMP450x Release 22.0.2 is now available

PMP450x System Release 22.0.2 is now available at and will be available on cnMaestro within 24hours.

22.0.2 is a maintenance release over 22.0.1 and includes the following fixes:

Products Affected Tracking Description
3 GHz 450i ap CPY-18355 AP running CBRS, with Spectrum Analysis on boot up enabled, might “Reset due to FatalError” within 2 minutes after boot up.
450m CPY-18235 Random FatalError reset, bad nibuf, stuck session, session drops, invalid LUID on 450m AP running System Release 22.0 or 22.0.1.
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Anyone using 22.x on 5G? How stable is it compared to 21.x?

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This firmware works really well. It really helped with our framing issues on the AP. The only issue with it is you can’t upgrade from 22.0.1 to 22.0.2. Several SMs will not update and we had modulation issues because of the firmware mismatch. The solution is to revert back to and then go to 22.0.2.

Sorry to hear that you were having issues with upgrading from 22.0.1 to 22.0.2.
Were you upgrading using cnMaestro or CNUT? What was the error reported by the tool?
We would appreciate if you can provide any logs for us to debug this issue further.
You can email it to me at