POE for 900 Mhz SM

I tried using the POE from a force 190 SM to power a 450i 900Mhz SM and it does not seem to work. The lights go on on the 450i, but they seem to be barely lit and the radio definitely won't connect. I can use the same POE from the forct 180 SM's. Has anyone else seen or experienced this? Thanks

I will assume you're referring to a 900 MHz PMP 450 SM, correct?  Model C009045C001A?

This device requires 30VDC input and uses ~10W of power (but up to 12W peak), and is the "canopy-style" polarity.

The ePMP Force 190 might come with a cost-reduced PSU that does provide enough wattage. It is recommended that you use part N000900L001B with the PMP device.