POE options

Im looking for a switch that will power my epmp1000 access points. 6 have gps sync and and 4 do not. im sick of the power injectors. One can only do so much with keeping a clean look. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Yes! Netonix is my best recomendation.

Radio with sync acepts estandard 48v poe; to power 24v cambium you have to swap polaritys(pair blue and brown)

Netonix is definately the way to go with powering your ePMP1000.  You want to stay away from the WS-6 as they are a decent switch but, after the cost of the switch and power supply you can get the WS-8 for a few bucks more with more ports and a fan (big deal for our sites with small enclosures).    

You can power ePMP1000 using routerboard Mikrotik RB960PGS, it's a 5 port Gigabit routerboard, with 4 POE ports. If you power it from 48v to 52v, you'll have a standard 802.3af POE switch with wonderful router functionality!!

We already use that, even because you can reboot the switch, power cycle only one port, do a lot of stuff with ports like every routerboard does!!!



Have there been changes to the Netonix switches recently to make them a little more robust ? They were terribly fragile last time we looked at them. They died instantly in the face of even the slightest over current and had no kind of protection against a shorted device.   

Also note the switches PoE was  (has  it changed ?) so fragile that they came with a warning that the switch has to be powered off before you plug in or un-plug any PoE device from them.  That means if you are trouble shooting a radio or swapping radios or changing something that is powered by the switch you have bring the entire site down each and every time you plug or unplug the device during your trouble shooting/replacing/adding/removing.  

They just seemed far to fragile and service interrupting for anything mission critical.

We use packetflux to power and provide sync for all our cambium stuff.

We have been using the WS-12-250-AC for a bit now and we really like the features for the ping watchdog and multiple powering options.  We have yet to need to replace a WS-12 yet they are a very robust switch and cannot say enough about how great they are.  Their other switches are ok, the WS-6 just gets to dang hot when powering multiple devices  and the WS-12-DC drops pings and poe to ports regularly.  However,  I hope to test the WS-8 here in the near future to find a replacement for our small site switch.