POE Over 300ft

I was just wondering if anyone had any luck with POE over 300ft? Our install  standards state 300ft but our customer has already dug a ditch and placed conduit in the ground. 

it can happen.  but you'll probably blow injectors quicker than normal there.   

netonix has an intresting solution if the extra cash is worth it to you.  

they have a poe powered, POE switch. you can put the switch about 300' out, and its powered via that poe, it will condition and resend the eithernet and POE again and you can put a device 600' away and still hold gig ethernet.   

its the sw6mini. 

 if you don't want to use the switch, use a 23ga cat5e or 6 cable, it will help with drop and take some work off of your block.   

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I have good results wih these products:


The Veracity model listed would have to be installed midspan. Unless this is easily accomplished, the Longspan model might be a better choice- http://www.veracityglobal.com/products/ethernet-and-poe-devices/longspan.aspx

Keep in mind both models are limited to 100Mbps.