poe switch options

Hi everybody.

So i got a pretty noob question. 

I have 12 units (6 epmp 1000 connectorized with gps and 6 force 180s used in ptp mode) that are currently all running on poe injectors.  This site used to use pmp100 with a last mile gear ctm-1m for timing and power but has since been upgraded. I really dont like having all these power injectors in this rack as it looks really ugly. Ive been doing a bit of research but having trouble finding alternate poe options. I dont really want to get a cmm4 or 5 due to price. Im looking for an option that will work and isnt too expensive. theyre all routed through a cisco catalyst 3560g so the poe switch would purely be just to make it look more organized and use alot less outlets.

Would something like this work?


Any info would be greatly appreciated. i wasnt sure where to look for epmp specs such as 802.3af compatability or what it all complies to.

thanks in advance

Netonix WISP switch. I use those with both ePMP 1000 AP and ePMP 2000.

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thanks for the info. is there anything i need to do special to the cable? i hear people mention revere polarity or swapping wires and dont really know what they mean.

We use Packetflux for power and sync.   It's cheap and they have been doing power and sync for cambium radios since before they were cambium radios. They are also pretty rugged,  hard to kill one .

Regarding the reverse polarity, our experience has been that any Cambium product with Gigabit (eg: Force 200, ePMP 1000 GPS) can plug straight into the switch no problem. Devices that are Fast Ethernet (eg: Force 110, ePMP 1000 NON GPS) require the rollover cable or the radio will get fried. We've used these adapters in the past for the older devices.


Regarding switches we also use Netonix and I am very satisfied with them. They also have some models that can output 48V on a few of the ports to power AirFiber Radios.

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