Point-multipoint radio

I’ve bought e410 and e501s for my recreational land. Unfortunately, I can’t get internet from wire there.
I came up with a solution of buying radios for my friend’s house with is only 1000m from there.
The is a problem, I’m not sure do I need any licenses to create a point-multipoint connection?

e501s with client’s antenna
e410 with client’s antenna
friends house with transmitting antenna
Could You please help me with devices and licensing if needed? Of course better solution for me would be without licenses, just the device itself.

Whats the purpose of e410 in above deployment?

WiFI inside the building. E501S I pretty far ahead from it, and the walls are thick. I’m sure it won’t have a connection by MESH with e501, so I need something outdoor to gain a connection
Updated deployment

Why don’t you use Cambium backhaul for covering 1000m distance and e700 for indoor area.

E700 <——ePMP-SM<——- Wireless———>ePMP-AP<——Home

E700 can be used to power on ePMP-SM.

Please correct me if I misunderstood deployment.

The problem is I’ve already bought e410 and e501s, and can’t return them. It was quite long ago, and I’ve just come up with a solution with a friend’s internet yesterday.
Maybe buying 2 antennas and creating 2 point-point would be cheaper?
First idea with point-multipoint was because both AP’s would be in line with the antenna from home (so i can get 2 client antennas in line too), but I think it is impossible to connect 2 to 1 antenna without any point-multipoint license, am I right?


You will need ePMP devices.

I am not sure on license part. Support team can provide you accurate information.

You can use Force 130/180. They can be AP or SM, no license needed. You can usem them for PTP or PTMP link. 1km is nothing if you have LOS.

Forget cnpilot enterprise for this scenario.

Thanks a lot, that’s helpful!
I’ve checked it out 130 has only 100mbps uplink, so I would prefer to buy 180.
The problem is 130 has an azimuth of 45 and it’s great, but 180 has an Azimuth of only 15° and it might be too little. Is there any antenna with an azimuth minimum of 30° , and the best 45
What do You mean by “Forget cnpilot enterprise for this scenario.”? Forget about cloud management or about 2 AP’s I’ve already bought?

I want to say, use only devices which are made for ptp/ptmp links, in this case epmp f180 (best buy).
No license required

Ye, but I want to cover a huge area with wifi, so in this scenario. Force 180 getting signal from friend’s house, and thru the wire to e501s which propagates it in all my recreational land. M’i correct? Is it going to work this way

yes, you can power up f180 with e501/e700 over eth2 (select cambium-poe for eth2).
With that you will have wifi coverage and link via f180

Zastanawiam się czemu nie napiszesz od razu, że wygrałeś jakiś projekt WiFi4PL/WiFi4EU i nie masz zielonego pojęcia jak to zrobić.
Pozostałe Twoje posty wskazuja na to, że będzie to działało bardzo bardzo słabo :slight_smile: Powodzenia :slight_smile:

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